Tears for Whales

I had tears today.For seeing live Grey whales, Feeding, swimming, living.I think of the Orcas in the Puget Sound,Starving, mourning, dying.My tears are water.Water is pure until we destroy it,Like so many things we touch.How can we as humansTurn this around,Making the waters a safe place again?Safe for us, safe for our fellow beings,Safe for … Continue reading Tears for Whales

The Dying Tree

There’s a dying Tree on a distant hill,An old and twisted Oak.Do you see me?It says as I drive by I see youI say to the TreeDo you see me?It says once again And I seeIt’s dying. It’s alone.For all the other trees are far away on other hillsAnd no people have come to visit and learn. I see you.I … Continue reading The Dying Tree