Whales and Tears

The 'sorta poem' at the end came to me after seeing the Grey whales off Yaquina Head the other day. We see so many of the horrors we inflict on our fellow beings, especially regarding plastics, all over social media and the news. It lightens my heart to see some whales and other sea mammals … Continue reading Whales and Tears

Sheared Bolts and Science

Last week had us finishing up our time in Seaside and Cannon Beach. Some of you may have seen the quick Facebook post about our slide being broken. Yep. As we were bringing in our slides, so very close to heading out; we noticed the living room slide wasn't coming in on one side. Luckily, … Continue reading Sheared Bolts and Science

The Stilly

(Photo Credit: Julie Gant) 

The Stillaguamish River, near Mount Pilchuck in northern Washington, is my soul river. She’s heard my songs and felt my laughter, swallowed my tears and carried away my prayers. She has cleansed me and buoyed me, made me giggle and brought me serenity. I love this river — the Stilly.  I’ve been visiting the South Fork of … Continue reading The Stilly

New Campground and a Foodie Tour of Cannon Beach!

Circle Creek RV Resort We left off last week as Brian and I had just moved to a new campground on the south side of Seaside, Oregon. What a difference! Circle Creek RV Resort was a great place to park for our last week in the area. It had lots of trees, was greener, and … Continue reading New Campground and a Foodie Tour of Cannon Beach!

Working Vacation

Here we are in Seaside, Oregon, hanging out on the beach and enjoying the great food and sunshine. Well...not really. A lot of people think RV'ing full time means we're not working or, even if they know we're working, they forget and think of us as on vacation. We should be sending photos everyday of … Continue reading Working Vacation

Long Beach, WA

I've lived in Western Washington most of my life and I don't think I've ever visited Long Beach. If I did, I must have been too young to remember because the past week was unforgettable. Long Beach is a peninsula, and a town, on the southwest coast of Washington. It takes effort to get there … Continue reading Long Beach, WA