About Us

A journey can be many things.  It can be an epic. It can be an adventure.  And sometimes, well, sometimes it can just be wandering about and seeing where life takes you.

Beginning, middle or end, they all are connected.  That is our reason for this story, the reason we are here: to share how we are living the journey.


Julie - Edited

I’m Julie – the serious, spiritual wife who’s learning how to play.

I love Nature – the wildlife, the plants, and the land. I dabble in working with medicinal plants and enjoy discovering local wild edibles. I’m happiest when I can be in a place in Nature that’s spiritual, sacred, and my ultimate joy is being near or on water.

It seems I’ve spent the past decade working (and commuting) or battling health issues.  Part of the reason I decided to simplify and travel is to focus more on living life. I’m also a US Air Force Veteran, which seems to have either created or fed my inner wanderer.

I want to show you the places in this country that I think are cool and amazing – and experience new ones together. I want to hear live music by local bands and meet interesting people. I want to touch all the waters in this country and thank them for our lives. I know this experience will strengthen my body and nurture my soul. I hope that what we share nurtures yours as well – and maybe even inspires you to live your journey too.



20180413_122604I’m Brian and I’m the introverted, orangutan-armed husband of this travelling duo.  I’m into many things: science, philosophy, music, building musical instruments, good coffee, quality beer, and I won’t say no to a good Scotch. And as you may see from some of my posts, I’m very verbose when I write.

For me, this journey we are on is as much about exploring the continent I’ve spent my entire life on as it is an internal journey to be less about the comfort of home and more about opening myself to new experiences, meeting new people and exploring regional and local offering so full of the things I’m interested in.

My favorite poet, Robert Frost once wrote:

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.