Wandering Gants Weekly – #412020

We’ve explored a lot of the local beaches here on the Olympic Peninsula, and I’ll sure miss the water while we’re in Arizona this winter. We are looking forward to Tucson though…seeing RV friends, visiting more with my dad, exploring the Sonoran Desert. It’ll be fun…just dry. 😉

These pics and their stories are from the last week on our Instagram feed. (If they have an arrow, you can click it to view the other photos in that post.)

Shine Tidelands is a small beach just off the west side of the Hood Canal Bridge. There are no facilities, but it’d make a great place to stretch your legs after a long drive.

Fort Flagler is at the top of Marrowstone Island, which is between the very northeast corner of the Olympic Peninsula and Whidbey Island. Also on Marrowstone Island, we visited Mystery Bay State Park, which was really just a boat launch, and tried to visit Kinney Point State Park, which we discovered is truly only a boat-in park (unless you live in the houses surrounding it.)

To get to Marrowstone Island, you cross over Indian Island. I had no idea what was on Indian Island and was looking forward to checking it out. Yeah. So…it seems the entire island is a Naval Magazine. The best I can figure out is that it’s a place where things like submarines can get loaded up with torpedos.

It made me very sad that an island named after the Indigenous People of this land is a place where we load up machines of war. Yes, yes. I get what the military is there for…remember, I was in the Air Force. But realize, too, that I was in the Air Force. I know the military is not just used for our defense and never was.

Potlatch State Park is just north of Shelton and about 40 minutes south of where we parked the RV all summer. It’s a nice little State Park with a campground and even boat buoys.

The featured photo at the top of this article is of the Right Smart Cove, which is just a quarter-mile walk from our RV park. It was nice to be able to just walk there whenever we wanted.

I put a map of all these spots below the pics so you can see where we were exploring.

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  1. Thanks for your posts. We love the Peninsula and have camped over there often the last few years. Enjoy your winter in Tucson.

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