The Wandering Gants – Sep 13, 2020

The past week has been focused on all the fires and smoke out here in the West. While we’re not around any fires, the smoke from the Oregon wildfires has done a sort of out-and-in over the Pacific and has inundated Western Washington.

I pulled out some of my lung support herbs that I’ve used during past smoky situations, and wrote a post on all our social media for everyone else in smoky zones (see the Instagram post below.) Besides that, we’ve just kept the RV sealed up (as tightly as you can seal an RV with slides) and have been running the air purifier 24×7.

Brian spent the weekend with my dad, moving some things he’s giving us into a storage unit. I had to stay home because cats and smoke plus warm’ish temperatures. It hasn’t been easy being so close to so many friends and family, but not being able to visit very much because of the ferry between us and the pandemic.

Posts this past week were a mixed bag. The rose, seagulls, and seaweed were from a trip to Dosewallips State Park several weeks ago. The chamomile is along the walk we often take near our RV park, and the dock and the Kingfisher are from Sequim Bay State Park up on the Strait of Juan de Fuca. We drove up there a few weeks ago. You can click on any of the squares to get to the actual post.

Favorite Personal Posts

These Instagram posts come from my personal account – @emeraldjewel9 and my private Facebook account. While The Wandering Gants has become more about places we explore – mostly nature but other things too, Emerald Jewel is nature plus plant medicine, social and environmental topics, as well as some uplifting content. So follow me on Instagram if you want more of that.