RV Park Review: Tombstone Territories RV Park

This is where you want to stay to visit the towns of Tombstone and Bisbee, and explore the natural beauty of southeastern Arizona.

We stayed at Tombstone Territories RV Park, near Huachuca, Arizona, in mid-November 2019. The weather was lovely – around 70 degrees during the day and mid-50s overnight, with one night in the chilly mid-30s. The sky was mostly clear and sunny with a couple days of clouds and even a short sprinkle one night.

Our space was long enough to fit our 40-foot motorhome and short bed truck with a few feet to spare; and wide enough to be comfortable, with plenty of landscaping between us and our neighbors to afford us some privacy. We were right along the desert side of the park and had a short walk to the 1-mile trail. The trails are both loops through the desert brush, taking you through small washes and along gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains. The sunsets were vibrant pinks and golds that lit the sky on fire, and, afterward, you could hear the coyotes howling and yipping near the fence line. There’s another slightly longer trail on the west side of the park.

Our cell service was okay. I’d say about a 2 to 3 out of 5 with our weBoost. It was enough to work, but not great for streaming. We had full hookups, though we were warned the water pressure wasn’t great – maxing out at 35 psi. They run the whole park on one well and are hoping to put in a second one in the future. We noticed our first morning that the water was leaking quite a bit at the connection. The staff were out quickly and found a cracked valve, which they replaced. After that we started seeing extremely low pressure and called them out again. After two of their staff looked at it a few times, removing the backflow valve and replacing it; we determined it was just the bad pressure and dealt with it. At times, we had only a trickle of water coming out of our faucet and sometimes switched over to our tank to get enough pressure for a good shower.

The staff were friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive. When we checked-in, Blu gave us a quick tour of the main building, told us about many of the activities and amenities, and handed us several guides for local hikes. They have an indoor pool that’s open year-round, a massage therapist that comes in once a week, a long-term resident who cooks breakfast for everyone each Sunday, and lots of other activities including those trails beside the park. They do accept packages.

Locally, the town of Tombstone is about a 15 to 20-minute drive as is Sierra Vista. Tombstone is great for the touristy thing with gunfights in the street and various tours, restaurants, and shops. There are no grocery stores in Tombstone. Sierra Vista is a good-sized town with most of your big box stores, grocers, and plenty of restaurants. There are gobs of trails on protected lands nearby and within an hour’s drive. The ghost town of Fairbank is just up the road with a beautiful trail leading through mesquite groves and willows, then along the river for a bit. Fairbank has just a few remaining buildings with a small museum and information center in the schoolhouse. Kartchner Caverns State Park is also about 20 minutes away. If you want to tour the cave, be sure to make reservations ahead of time; otherwise, there are a couple of moderate trails to hike and a small exhibit inside the visitor center.

While the utilities and cell service weren’t amazing, the beauty of the park and surrounding area, the nice spaces, the friendly and knowledgeable staff, and the location as a hub to all sorts of fun activities makes it worth staying at Tombstone Territories RV Park. In fact, I was told that they’re starting to fill up next year already and may have to put a hold on reservations; so contact them early if you’re thinking of staying there.