Follow Your Heart for the Holidays

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Every year, you start seeing the articles pop up all over the Internet. This is the best place to spend the holidays. No this is the best! Wait, wait. I know the most amazing spot to spend the holidays. California. Florida. Texas. Mexico. Arizona. Hawaii. I could name dozens of other places people claim are the best spots to spend the holidays.

Over the years, before and after becoming full-time RVers, my husband and I have spent the holidays in our Seattle-area hometown with local family and friends; we’ve had a beautiful white Christmas in Indiana, and warm, sunny ones in San Diego, Palm Springs, and Borrego Springs. We’ve shared Thanksgiving with cousins in Portland or San Luis Obispo and partied with friends for New Years in Quartzsite.

What’s our favorite? I couldn’t really say. Each of these experiences was wonderful and most included family or friends. All the locations were awesome in their own way. So where is the absolute best place to be for the holiday season?


Yep. Home – and it truly is where the heart is.

For us, home is now our motorhome. We feel so lucky that we’re able to follow our hearts and drive our home wherever we want to be for the holidays. I love this part of nomadic life. I love being able to see family and friends we rarely see otherwise. I love exploring a new place every holiday, and that there’s no hotel, flight, or long drive home.

Another fun part? Every town has their own holiday traditions. I thought I’d miss the wintery weather for the holidays, but even towns with 80-degree weather have that holiday spirit. San Diego’s downtown and waterfront was all lit up for the holidays. We caught a holiday boat parade on our way back from Coronado Island, which made me think of Seattle and all the years we took part in the Christmas parade there.

Borrego Springs was mildly decorated, but the real surprise was having an amazing, fine-dining experience at a local hotel. Just as family and friends in Seattle were getting ready for a gray Thanksgiving, the San Luis Obispo area was treating us well with gorgeous sunsets and dinner with cousins I hadn’t seen for many, many years.

And, though they’re technically not holidays, our birthdays this year were spectacular! We were in Denver for my husband’s, visiting close friends and some family. It was the first time he and his sisters had all been together for a birthday since the mid-80s! I got to spend my birthday at a bucket list location – Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Time with good friends and getting to see wild horses and bison was a fantastic birthday gift!

This year for Halloween, we experienced Día De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) in Las Cruces, New Mexico. We were excited to learn more about a different culture’s celebrations around Halloween/Samhain! We’ll likely spend Thanksgiving with friends in the Saguaro National Park, my husband’s mother and daughter are flying to join us in Tucson for Christmas while we hang at a resort, and we’ll be by ourselves at a state park stargazing on the New Year. What could be better?

So, get out there – even if you’re not a nomad. Explore the different towns across America and around the world, visit people you haven’t seen in years, and discover other traditions. If you bring your heart along with you, you’ll always be in the best place for the holidays.

Thanks for joining us as we live our journey…


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