Family, Friends, and Self-Inflicted Chaos – Part Two

Let’s see. Where was I? Oh that’s right. Where will all our stuff go in this new, much smaller, RV!?!

Moving In, More Fun, and Moving On


First, I’m apologizing right now. We were so busy and focused on getting our things moved and put away that we literally didn’t even take one photo of the process. Just imagine moving all of your stuff into a one-car garage with some shelves on the sides and you’ll get the idea. 😉 Here’s a pic from just before we started the walk-through though.

Since we couldn’t finish our move until Monday, we went shopping. Yes. Even though we’ve downsized, we have to buy stuff – mainly shelves and bins and other things that’ll help us store and organize our worldly possessions. But first, we had a lovely brunch with our friend, Kristen, and her son in a suburb of Denver called Arvada. If you’re ever in north Denver, go have breakfast or lunch at Bread Winner’s Cafe and take a walk around old town. Brian and I both said if we wanted to stop traveling, and had the money, we’d consider buying a home in Arvada. It’s one of those cute little towns where you can walk to nearly everything and you’re happy to know most of your neighbors. The rest of the day was spent looking for storage solutions and other needs at Ikea, The Container Store, Bed Bath and Beyond, Petsmart, and probably one or two other big box stores. It was an insane amount of shopping. Thank goodness we had a little relaxation time over breakfast!

Early Week

Brian took Monday off and I worked a couple of hours, giving him time to pack more things and bring them to the Winnebago. He bought a few more boxes; so he didn’t have to make as many trips, which was a good thing since we now had the Winnebago in our RV park instead of right next to our Class A. As before, I did my best to unpack things as he brought them in. By the end of the day, we had 3 or 4 small boxes remaining. We gave the keys to the dealer who will do a good cleaning on it and prep it for consignment. Anyone want a Class A Motorhome? It’s in great condition! Seriously, feel free to spread the word.

We both worked Tuesday and I spent some time working on organization and trying to unpack some things. That evening, we went to dinner with family and relaxed a bit. Man, that was nice! Wednesday, was more of the same except no dinner with family or friends.

Thursday – Independence Day

We’d made plans with our friends to attend a blues concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater (outside of Denver) on the 4th. That sure was a welcome break and lots of fun! Jackie Greene is a new favorite. As dusk came, a storm rolled in over Denver and we were treated for hours to an awesome lightning show along with the fireworks going off in all the parks and suburbs. I hope to have some video up soon! Anyway, thanks to Kristen and LeRoi for joining us. We were so happy to be able to continue our summer music gatherings with you!

Friday and Saturday

Friday – work for money, work on the RV. Saturday – work on the RV. Work. We reminded ourselves that we were moving out of Denver on Sunday, so we needed to make sure that all our stuff was not just put away but also protected from being jostled or falling while driving. I’d purchased a few things ahead of time to help with organization and storage, so we were good and had most of our belongings stored before we took off on Sunday.

More importantly, we needed to get everything set up for the cats in the truck since we were driving to Laramie, Wyoming, on Sunday. We have one of those pet hammocks that you lay over your back seat and up the sides to sort of keep them contained (if you use the seat belt leashes) and hopefully keep most of the hair off your seats. We set it up along with a few other things to try to make the trip for them as calm and comfortable as possible. It didn’t work, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

Saturday afternoon, we went over to Kelly and John’s home for a party they were having. They have some great friends! Kristen and LeRoi, and their son, were there too; so it was an awesome way to end our time in Denver – hanging out with people we love dearly. We miss you all!


Sunday morning brought our first move day in the Winnebago and we had to be out of the park by 11:00 am. We gave ourselves extra time and a goal of 10:30 am ready to go just in case. We knew this was our first pack-up AND we had a whole new process for the cats.

Pack-up went really well. We had a checklist. You’ll probably hear this from a lot of other RVers – always use a checklist. It’s so true. Every now and then, even though we’ve done this countless times now; we go over our checklist and say ‘Oh yeah. The blah de blah.’ Just use one. It’ll save you heartache in the long run! Even getting the cats into the truck wasn’t too bad, and we were on the road by 10:50 am.

The Wandering Cats

The cats riding in the truck did not go well – though it was expected and definitely could have been much worse. We had all sorts of comfort items for the cats, but we didn’t do the most important thing. We didn’t give them their homeopathic travel drops. Well, we sort of did.

See, you’re supposed to give them a three doses before you start traveling. Callie starts stressing out as soon as we start really packing things up, so we usually give them one dose just before we start, then another when we start doing things that rearrange the home (like putting art on the bed to protect it during transport.) Normally, that’s all they need; but we didn’t think. We should have given them a third dose just before we put them in the truck. The first hour’ish was super-highly stressful. After that, they calmed down a little and it was only very stressful. Callie was actually our calmest of the three. Shock and surprise! The boys kept having sporadic yowling contests. Luckily, it was only a 2 1/2 hour drive.

I know they will get better just like they did with the motorhome. I’m sure they’ll eventually just sleep in the truck and poke their heads up now and then to see what’s going on. You can bet, though, that they will be getting the full dose of the travel drops when we move next time! And, yes. We’ve tried pheromone sprays. I’ve tried at least three different brands and none have ever helped them even a little bit. I’ve also tried Rescue Remedy with no luck. There are two brands of homeopathic travel drops that work and I’m super-grateful!

Okay, friends. I’m leaving it here and will get some photos and maybe a video tour of the Winnebago (no name yet) for the next update.

Thanks for joining us as we live our journey…