Marion County Park – Campground Review!

Marion County Park is near the town of Jasper, Tennessee, which is about 20-30 miles from Chattanooga, depending on where you’re going. We were there for six days in mid-May 2019. The weather was hot – in the low 90s most of the week – though it cooled down quickly to comfortable 60s after the sun set.

We were fairly close (about ten feet each side) to our neighbors, though not on top of each other and the view of the river could only have been better if we’d had a space right next to it. The park offers partial hookups with 50 amp electric and a dump station on site. The water pressure was about middle of the road – not amazing, but we’ve had much worse. Internet was great at four bars (with help from our WeBoost) on both Verizon and AT&T – until the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend. Once people started showing up with lots of teenagers, the Internet took a dive every day around 4:30pm. The neighbors were happy and friendly though. Who wouldn’t be when you’re at such a beautiful campground?

The staff was also very friendly and very gracious when we arrived about 45 minutes early for check-in. We didn’t see them much after that except to wave as they drove by in their cart now and then. Aside from the dump station, the only real amenity there was the river along with the boat launch and fishing docks. There were picnic tables at most sites, except those in the middle, as well as fire pits. You could walk to the other side of the park where they had picnic tables and fire pits right on the river and no RV spots, so it was easy to get away from the campground area if you wanted.

We felt safe while we were there, though it’s a county park and anyone could get in; but there are enough people around that I would imagine it’s more difficult for thieves. Just like anywhere else, lock your doors and don’t leave anything tempting outside.

The property itself is beautiful – shade trees, though not at each site, the wide river, plush grass, blue herons, geese, and plenty of other smaller birds and squirrels. It’s so relaxing and quiet, even with a full park and motorboats on the river.

The view from our front window

The local town of Jasper has a few stores, including a chain grocery store, and S Pittsburgh has a few more of the larger stores and restaurants. If you really want more options, you’ll need to go into Chattanooga where you can find the big box stores, organic grocers, and a wider selection of restaurants. Ruby Falls, an underground waterfall, is also there and they offer a variety of tours.

At $20 a night, I’d say Marion County Park was definitely worth it. Having partial hookups and that river with a very nice park that’s well-maintained is well worth the $20. I honestly wish we could have stayed here a month!

Want more Marion County Park? Check out our video review!

Thanks for reading, friends! Be groovy and remember to live your journey…