Wandering Around Asheville, North Carolina!

Finally! After ten long years, I was able to visit one of my best friends, Tamara, who currently lives in Asheville, North Carolina. We spent a couple of weeks there. Unfortunately, I was recovering from a cold, but we got out a bit during our second week. I’d love to go back to explore more and stay much longer!

The RV Park

We stayed at the Asheville West KOA just west of – well – Asheville. 😉 You can see my written review at Nashville and Asheville RV Park Reviews, and my video review on our YouTube Channel.

Food and Music

Asheville is becoming well-known for its food and music scene! Even now that we’re eating ketogenically (and being really good about not cheating), we’ve been able to find excellent places to eat out and Asheville didn’t disappoint.

Our first night in town, we were tired and I was sick; so we decided to meet Tamara for a quick bite near our RV park. We ended up at The Southern Porch, which is at the Imperial Hotel in Canton. What a great place! We arrived early, so stopped off at the bar for a drink. The bartenders were fun and friendly and poured nicely. 😉 The food was wonderful – sort of southern grill. My ribeye was perfect and the fried cabbage was awesome. An excellent ketogenic meal!

Isis Music Hall and Kitchen 743 was so great that we went a second time! The first night, we went with Tamara for a bit of blues. They had a band then a solo musician, and they were all fantastic! Brian and I enjoyed our goat cheese-stuffed pork tenderloins and watched longingly as Tamara ate her key lime pie. 😉 The second night was bluegrass night where we were again joined by Tamara as well as Bryce and Camille from More Than a Wheelin’. After a couple years of following their social media and taking a two of Camille’s courses, it was great to finally meet them in person. We hope to meet up again soon! We love this place and could see ourselves being regulars if we lived in the area. Great food and live music nearly every night of the year! What more could you ask for?

Our last night in town, we dined at 131 Main (which is not on Main street). It’s a nice grill/steakhouse with great options for ketogenics. Tamara had also recommended eating at White Duck Tacos and Smoky Park Supper Club, which is built entirely from shipping containers, as well as joining the community open drum circle – all of which Bryce and Camille were able to do, so check out their 9 Things To Do In Asheville, North Carolina for those and more.


We did at least get outside a couple of times! Again, I hope to go back someday to explore much more.

Tamara took us to Graveyard Fields, which has a beautiful waterfall with upper and lower hikes. We did the lower falls hike that, fair warning, has a lot of stairs; but it sure is lovely! There’s an initial ‘landing’ part way through the hike that lets you walk out onto slabs of rock with the creek partially running over it. I could have stayed there for hours! Then you continue down the stairs through the trees and brush to the bottom of the falls. From there, you can enjoy the view of the falls, wade, swim, or just relax and enjoy the sounds of water and the few people who were there. By the way, Graveyard Fields is supposedly so-named because of a major storm that destroyed a large area of trees and the stumps looked like grave markers. As far as anyone knows, there are no actual graves there.

Another day, while Brian was working, Tamara and I went to the North Carolina Arboretum. It was a lovely walk with tons of blooming flowers – including many of my top favorites, tulips. There is also the Asheville Botanical Gardens, which offers courses on botany and more. It’s on the list for the next trip!

P.S. You can see more photos of the waterfall hike and arboretum walk on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Shopping and Traffic

Asheville has everything you’re probably looking for in stores. We were easily able to find our finicky cats’ food and multiple organic grocery stores. All the typical big box stores are around, as well as malls, plus tons of local artisan shops and stores and a great farmers market.

Traffic was not awesome. It wasn’t as bad as the Seattle metro area, but it had its share of stop and go traffic. I would definitely avoid traveling to and from the city during rush hour if you can help it.


It was springtime (May) while we were there, which meant warm to hot days (up to the low 90s) and everything from clear sunny days to pouring rain and lightning storms. The latter didn’t last very long and was nice to help clear the pollen off of everything.

We loved our visit to Asheville and not only because we got to see Tamara. It’s a lovely town, working on renovating some areas and shining with wonderful local restaurants and shops. We highly recommend a stay in Asheville!

Well, friends, that’s it for today! Be groovy and remember to live your journey…