Lake Haven Retreat – Campground Review!

Lake Haven Retreat is in southern Indianapolis, Indiana, technically Greenwood. We stayed there from February 15th through March 30th. The weather ranged from a frigid 3 degrees and windy to snow, then some days in the high 40s and overnights near freezing the last couple of weeks. We actually had a day in the high 60s just before leaving. Normally, we wouldn’t have been there that time of year; but we had a family emergency. (Watch our ‘Braving Frigid Indy’ video for information on how we stayed warm and comfy during weeks of subfreezing temperatures.)

Our space (#109) was up against the back of the property, along the tree-lined fence. On the other side is a large field, so we were protected from most of the urban noises. We didn’t see much of the neighbors due to the weather, but they were smiling and waving when we did. The spaces are fairly close – not so tight that you have to worry about slides or awnings hitting each other, but not hugely spacious either. Most are set to be utility to utility, so you have some good ‘front yard’ space between each other. They have 50 amp throughout the park and the water spigots were insulated. In fact they were full or nearly full the whole time we were there, so they must be used to prepping for winter temperatures.

There is a nice laundry room and the women’s bathroom was very clean with two showers. The laundry is used as an emergency shelter, as is the basement of the house (the office). The warning sirens were easily heard and the local fire department shares a property line with the park. They have a gate that uses swipe cards, which you’re given upon check-in; though it’s one of those single arm gates that someone desperate enough with a big enough truck could plow through and people could also just drive around it if they have a 4×4 or big enough truck/SUV. Even so, we felt very safe at this park and the staff/owner were very friendly and happy for a quick chat when you pick up mail or packages.

There are no ‘resort’ type amenities, such as a pool, tennis courts, et cetera; but the property itself is nice to walk with a central small lake frequented by ducks and geese, an enclosed dog run, and picnic tables and fire pits scattered around the lake. Lake Haven is on the edge of a commercial/industrial area of Indianapolis, but the surrounding trees, the grass and the lake make a nice little bubble of nature. We can imagine Lake Haven would be even better in warmer months with the leaves on the trees and people socializing around the lakeside campfires.

Greenwood shopping areas are just a few minutes away where you can find local restaurants, pharmacies, organic grocers, and most of the big box stores. If it’s not in the local area, you can probably find it within a 10-20 minute drive.

Overall, we feel Lake Haven provides good value for what they provide and would happily return there when visiting Indianapolis in the future. Check out our video review too!

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