Hello Wanderers. I write this post the night before we head out on a five-day trek from Tucson, Arizona, to Indianapolis, Indiana. Yes. In early February. A dear family member is nearing the end of her life more suddenly than expected. We thought we had more time (don’t we always?) and were planning to head to Indiana once the weather warmed up. Time slipped. Her God is calling her home soon and so we are going now. It’s really the only choice to make.

We are distraught about her pending transition while also dealing with the stress and logistics of traveling north during the winter weather and cancelling and making new reservations.┬áThere’s not many RV parks to choose from in Indianapolis and it’s short notice, but we believe we have off-season timing on our side. We’ve placed a call to our ideal location – closest to all the family, but their office is closed on the weekends; so I’m crossing my fingers that we get a positive call-back on Monday. If not, we’ll figure something else out. That’s what you do in this lifestyle.


We know the weather isn’t the best in Indiana at this time of year, but we need to be there and flying out is only an option for one of us because of the cats. We also think we’ll be in Indiana for a couple of months and, of course, want and need our home with us for such an extended period of time. We’ve handled below-freezing temperatures before, and a little snow. We’re trusting we’ll be okay as winter finishes it’s reign this year.

We’re trying to be smart during the drive. We’re already emotionally exhausted, so we know we shouldn’t do long drive days. We still don’t have the tow package set up, so we can’t share the driving. (We were actually going to get that done while we were in Tucson.) We’re going to max our drive days at five’ish hours and we’ll reassess how we feel each day. We’re driving a southerly route to Dallas, where we’ll check the weather and determine if we will start heading north from there or continue east. A couple of days before turning north might not make much of a difference, but we’ll just see how it goes. We also aren’t making any reservations for the trip so we can feel free to just stop where and when we need to rest.


I’m sure the cats will hate us throughout the five days, but they’ll have travel drugs…and I know they’ll forgive us when it’s over. We’ll give them some extra love and attention each night.

On the positive side of all this, we’ll get to spend a lot of quality time with our family and friends in the area. These are people we generally only see every few years and then only for a few days to a week. I’ll get to explore an area that I’ve only been to a few times and was generally too busy to get out and about when I was there. It’ll be good to just relax and experience spring in Indiana.

After Indiana, we’re not sure what we’re doing. We have reservations made for a summer route that is now not ideal. It would have us backtracking halfway across the country over the course of three months. Giving up either side of that route means not seeing family and friends that we really want to see. It’ll be a tough call. We’ll make decisions about all that later though, after we’ve gotten through the next couple of weeks and our brains are less fried.

We’re so grateful that we can do this – that we can reroute our lives to be with family when we’re needed and for more than just a few days. We’re grateful we can bring our home and our cats – our comfort – with us. Life isn’t always awesome, but RV living definitely makes it better.

That’s all for now, friends. Hug your loved ones and remember to live your journey…

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p.s. Just as I finished this, we learned that she has passed. We’re grateful that it was quick for her and trust her transition to the other side brings her together with so many of her loved ones. Peace be with you, Louise.

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