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When we were downsizing, preparing to move into our Class A motorhome, I got rid of almost all our decorations. We don’t have children with us and neither of us is big on massive decorating. Because we live and travel in our RV, we don’t have a lot of space to decorate let alone store things the rest of the year. Plus we have no way of keeping our cats away from eating the décor – and they would! Which such limitations, I just knew I wouldn’t be able to do much. I kept a couple of small sentimental things from our childhood Christmases, a Santa statue, a snowflake runner, and some snowflake vinyl clings to put on the windows; but the rest found its way to family or the thrift store.

As I started pulling out our decorations, Brian (usually the holiday grump – see his Eeyore post) hinted that maybe we needed something more. We were just over 8 months in the RV and now it seems bigger than before we moved in!


I’d just seen Julie Chickery’s holiday decorating video on this year’s Full-Time Freedom Week where she had, among other things, put ribbon and bows on her cupboard doors to make them look like presents. Brilliant! I’d been thinking about that for a few days, so off we went to the local big box store in search of ribbon and maybe something more. In the end, and over the course of about a week, we ended up with ribbon, bows, and several other things to help “holiday-up” our RV. It’s evolving, but here’s how we currently have it set up.

Gift-Wrapped Cabinets

Brian and I prefer subtle décor in cool tones, so our holiday decorations have typically been in the blues and silvers with some earthiness tossed in. We started out with a sheer silver ribbon and gray/silver organza bows that I just taped to the ribbon while we were playing around. It didn’t quite look right over the woven texture of our cabinets. The ribbon sort of disappeared. See what I mean?


A couple of days later, we were at a different store and found some gorgeous blue ribbon with snowflakes. The only minor drawback was the coppery glitter inside the snowflakes. We love copper, but our home is mainly cool tones – silvers, grays, dusty colors. We brought it home anyway and I tried overlaying the sheer onto the blue. It looks so good! The blue gives that great pop of color while the sheer tones down the copper and allows it to blend in well with our woodwork. I’d also put up the vinyl cling snowflakes on the window, so we were getting somewhere! I love the effect of seeing them through the sheers too!

Once we knew what we wanted, I simply tacked the sheer over the blue with a few stitches of light grey thread at each end and the middle. Then I sewed the bow on using a top-to-bottom and side-to-side stitch, so it would stay straight. Now we can easily store them, they won’t take up much space, and they’re ready to go for next year!

A Window Scene

I also had some gel cling trees that I love, so I put them on the window below the snowflakes. Unfortunately, they won’t fit behind the screen on one side so they’re only able to go on the other side. I may try to find some that are vinyl, so thinner, that will go better with our color scheme. You get the idea, though. Right? You can create a whole holiday scene in your window! We used this window because people can see it and it won’t distract us when we’re driving (we’re moving three times before the end of the year.)

Santa and His Reindeer

When we started out with our meager decorations, we had a difficult time figuring out what to do with the snowflake runner. We finally struck on hanging it down the center of our huge living room mirror and placing Santa in front. I knew it needed something more there and placed one of those electric tea lights in a candle holder in front of Santa, but it was so short and he’s so tall that it looked lame. A day or two later, I happened upon a cute metal reindeer tea light holder that works perfectly! It’s the right height to balance Santa and shine a little light on his face. I twirled a little of the leftover sheer ribbon around them just to provide a little softness. Of course, Coyote is trying to eat it; so it may have to go away.

Additional Touches

We put the Elf hats on the side view mirrors because that’s what you do when you’re in a motorhome during the holidays. 😉 We put plastic cups inside the hats so they’d stand up.


We hung a beautiful bow on the door using a Command strip with a clear hook. Next year, it’ll be higher on the door. We’d started out with a boxwood wreath, perfectly centered, that got soaked when we had the big rain storm. In dealing with the storm and our refrigerator, we sort of forgot it was out there. Oops!

We placed a ceramic tree in the center of our desk on our stereo. Literally, there is no other place to put it where our cats won’t knock it down, but it works.

And…we have fairy lights around the windshield!


How did you decorate your home this year?

Happy Holidays from Julie and Brian! Be groovy, friends, and remember to live your journey…

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  1. Brian & Julie- Happy Holidays! Love the holiday decorating. Hope you have a very Happy New Years- The Radcliffes

  2. Wow, Julie,I am mightily impressed by the transformation, from nice RV to rolling Christmas home! I take back what I said about no more posts until the new year, this one is inspirational, thank you, and God bless us every one!

    Old Uncle Scrooge     P.S. I’ve cc’d this to Tiny Tim, Chas Dickens, and Marley’s Ghost

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