Fantastic Florence!

There’s so much to explore in Florence, Oregon!

Florence’s riverfront is a cute little area with some great restaurants and nice shops (including a gourmet olive shop!) They also have a few sea lion sculptures around town, which were created in 2016 for an auction benefiting the Florence Events Center. I thought that was pretty cool. We ate at a few restaurants while in Florence, and the one that really stands out is Nosh. It’s essentially a small plates bistro with some truly amazing flavor combos like their bacon and brie flatbread (see my pic below.) So good!

You can walk the riverfront from their small marina at the Port of Siuslaw to the Siuslaw Bridge, which provided ample opportunities for shopping and nature photos. You can tell what interests me more. 😉

One afternoon, we decided to drive out to see South Jetty, which is just a couple of miles from our campground. What a great find! There was hardly anyone else there and the tide was coming in so the waves were crashing onto the boulders. (You can watch a short video on our Instagram.) There’s a nice beach alongside the jetty and plenty of wildlife. At one point, we were walking and talking when we suddenly heard a sort of snort in the water. A seal was there just staring at us. As soon as we saw him (or her), it dove and we never saw it again. I guess it just wanted to say “Hi”.

We stayed at the South Jetty Campground while we were in Florence. It’s definitely one of the better Thousand Trails campgrounds we’ve experienced and has your typical amenities like a pool, a small store, and lounges, etc. We were walking around the campground one day and kept hearing this train whistle. We ignored it, thinking it was a kid with one of those toy whistles, and kept walking until we suddenly saw a fairy-tale castle through an opening in the trees. What?!


Turns out it’s Sandland Adventures. They have mini-golf, go-karts, bumper boats and…a miniature train. Mystery solved! There’s a gate between the two properties that’s unlocked, so you can easily get to it from the campground. Staying at South Jetty sure would be a great place if you have kids – or even if you don’t!


Florence was a fantastic place to stop for a few days and we were bummed that our stay was so short. I would have liked to go back to the jetty at least a couple of times and it would have been fun to play some mini-golf or do the bumper boats. If you go, plan to stay longer than three nights. For a small town, there’s a lot of fun to be had!

Be groovy, friends, and remember to live your journey…