Six months of living the journey…

Well, in a about two weeks (Sept. 17, 2018), we will have been full-timing for six months.  Wow…I’ll let that sink in a moment, I have to, I’m in the midst of it all the time and I am amazed.

Six months, that calculates out to:

  • 2/3 of making a baby
  • half a year
  • 184 days
  • 26 weeks
  • 1,768 miles travelled
  • 3 states
  • 18 RV parks

So many people we have followed as we researched mentioned that six months is sort of that first goal line, if you get across that one, then you are truly an RV nomad.  Well, while I can’t say it has been smooth sailing the whole time, we’ve adapted quite well to this nomadic journey.  It is becoming life, rather than a vacation.

Living the journey…

I could recap the whole trip, but that is not really what I’m wanting accomplish in this post.  What I’m really wanting to focus on, what I am most interested in sharing is how Julie and I have begun to think about what this life really means.  We have settled on this as our core philosophy of nomadism:  living the journey…

Now, the ellipsis at the end of that statement is there purposely and is key.  It signifies that our journey is ongoing, that we are travelling together, with our three fur babies, with a distinct goal of experience all that our country has to offer.  We are not on an extended vacation, nor are we on a sabbatical, we are simply living, everywhere.  Our house has wheels and we move it frequently.  We do plan pretty far ahead as most nomadic full-timers do.  We have flexibility if we need to change our destination (especially now that the summer vacation travelers are back home).  Our life is liquid and malleable like clay in the hands of an expert, it can be molded to our liking at a significantly lower cost of entry than if we were rooted in a house or apartment.

But, you are already living the journey?

Well yes, of course we are.  The real understanding of it though has come with what our philosophy on travel, work and temporal natures have come to be.

We knew that work was a driving factor to where we would go.  I have to have solid cellular connection everywhere.  We can’t count on campground or park WiFi to be good, so, we plan our stops with a lot of research that includes what our cell coverage for AT&T and Verizon is like (we learned ton’s from pioneering RV full-timers Chris and Cherie over at the Mobile Internet Resource Center, such a great resource for anyone travelling…long or short term).  Our philosophy of travel begins with coverage.  The first thing we look at in a destination is, can Brian work?

Then, travel is parcelled out into a couple of different aspects.  Firstly, where do we want to explore?  This should be familiar to everyone who vacations or travels.  You always want to go somewhere interesting with things to explore.  We love good food, good beer, good music and good nature.  So, we plan our destinations with that in mind.  But, secondly, travel also includes how long and how far at a time.  A Class A motorhome can be a beast, especially on winding, curvy roads.  I’m 52, I only have so much stamina. So we look at our possible routes and choose according to our ability.

And there is temporal thinking.  This is multi-faceted: what time of year is best for certain areas of the country?  How long we want to stay in an area?  How long does it take to get between areas?  Do we have any date-based plans that requires us to get somewhere by a certain time?  Answers to all these are yes, sometimes.  For example, there is a group call Xscapers, a subset of Escapees, that are working age people like ourselves that travel the country.  Their annual bash is in January in Lake Havasu, AZ.  So, we have a specific date to make.  Other times, it is merely how long do we want to spend on the coast or in the mountains or visiting friends and family.

Bucket lists and experiences and…life

Ultimately, where we go, for how long and bracketing the 9 to 5 (7 to 3 in my case) all feeds into our life.  Living the journey…it is a work life balance like everything else should be in our lives.  We’ve just decided to add an ability to get to our bucket list items as we go.  I already crossed off being to the top of a lighthouse, oh, and I finally got to see whales!  We continue to find amazing food experiences (Cannon Beach, OR and Ashland, OR) wherever we go.  We are just beginning and we are, overall, loving it all.

I continue to find really amazing coffee, great local beers and awesome places to explore.  History is everywhere we go and we take in local history of not just the explorers that “found” it for the USA or established the town or region, but of the indigenous peoples that were here long before.  So, as you can see, there are a variety of elements that go into living and journeying.  Our key is to combine them together to maximize our experiences.

Ultimately, this experience is designed to be a journey, Julie and I agreed on that portion of our desired focus of this lifestyle choice.  But now, we have a better understanding of what our core impetus is: living the journey…

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