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For the last two weeks, we’ve been staying on the north side of Seaside, Oregon. We’ve barely seen the sun because of all the clouds and mists. We haven’t run into one good restaurant in town. (Yes, we found a few good ones in Cannon Beach and Warrenton.) We walked the Promenade in Seaside and checked out all the touristy shops and amusements with some friends one day, but that seemed to be it for Seaside. I’m sure it’s a fun town for others – maybe people who like to shop or who have kids. It’s not really our thing. We also had this sort of odd feeling at the campground we were staying at – didn’t want to go out walking, didn’t want to sit outside at our picnic table, our moods were off, and we either wanted to be in the RV or driving somewhere else in our car. It was weird.

Yesterday, we moved to a different campground because the one we were staying at only allowed a 14 day stay. This new campground is on the south side of Seaside and there’s a huge difference! We’ll talk more about that next week. (Haha…cliffhanger. Right?)

With all the oddness we were feeling in north Seaside, I thought I’d talk about some of the better things we’ve found in the area.

We came across a great restaurant find while running errands in Warrenton. If you’re in the area, Warrenton is the place to go for all your major errands. They have many of the big box stores and even a good natural food store. We decided to have an early dinner while we were there the other day and found Uptown Cafe. We’d driven by it a number of times, but didn’t think anything of it. It’s pretty unassuming on the outside. Inside, though, is this awesome little bistro/cafe that’s light and airy and serves awesome sandwiches. I had a Cubano – one of my favorites – and Brian had clam chowder – one of the better ones he’s had lately – and their Breakfast Burger. Essentially a cheeseburger with ham and a fried egg added. He said it was very good and my Cubano was one of the better ones I’ve had. It looks like they have a few other locations, and it has really great reviews; so I’m guessing it’s a local favorite.

On Saturday, we decided to take a day to explore the outer areas of Seaside and Cannon Beach a little more. We had breakfast at a great restaurant on Cannon Beach called the Wayfarer. The service was excellent, the food was very good, and the view was awesome – the beach and Haystack Rock.

Photo credit: Julie Gant
View from the Wayfarer

After breakfast, we drove to the south side of Haystack and walked the beach. You can see “Terrible Tilly”, the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse, from here as well. Tilly is about one mile off Tillamook Head and has some very interesting history. Can you imagine being a lighthouse tender there – one mile away from land on a rock that would regularly be covered by the sea and pummeled by large rocks during storms? Their families lived on the mainland, while the tenders would live on the rock for three months at a time then only two weeks off. After a while, they created a different schedule for the tenders because it was too difficult mentally. I imagine a woman standing on Tillamook Head, the wind blowing her skirt as she strives to see a dot of human movement – a hope of it being her husband – on a barren rock a mile out to sea. Luckily, there were a few tenders on the rock at a time, to keep each other sane, I’m sure; which I hope meant that there were at least two families on the Head to keep each other company and help each other out.

We left the beach and drove to the north side of Cannon Beach at Ecola State Park, which includes Tillamook Head. Here, you can do a few different hikes from an easy half mile out to the Head to a more strenuous eight mile portion of the Pacific Coast Trail. The parking lot is at the top of the Head and is the starting point for the easier hike (walk). I highly recommend enjoying a picnic lunch at one of the tables there and bringing binoculars or a scope, especially if you’re there in the spring, to look for whales. The views are spectacular!

That’s it for this week my friends. Be groovy!

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  1. Thank you for sharing Julie and Brian. Jim took me there for my 50th it was a beautiful visit but I do agree it’s very hard to find good restaurants and things to do. It sounds as though ya’ll are enjoying your new adventurous life. I enjoy reading about them as I sit on my deck in the early mornings before the weather hits 111 to 118. Please keep them coming. It helps in a way to keep from missing the great Northwest.


    On Mon, Jul 30, 2018, 11:21 AM The Wandering Gants wrote:

    > Julie Gant posted: “For the last two weeks, we’ve been staying on the > north side of Seaside, Oregon. We’ve barely seen the sun because of all the > clouds and mists. We haven’t run into one good restaurant in town. (Yes, we > found a few good ones in Cannon Beach and Warrenton.)” >

  2. Hey guys!
    We’re Tami & Patrick and I (Tami) found you on The Nomad site and love your blogs, pics, etc!!! I’m an Arizona native and love my beautiful desert home! We are currently weekend warriors in our darling Class A “Hunyhut”, with plans for Full Time RV within 3 years. Would love for you to reach out in January when you are in Arizona, and maybe we can have a meet-up over some yummy food and beverages! And share and get tips on how you became full time. We’ve had the opportunity to meet up with Julie and Mark from RV Love and Paul and Lorena from the Motorhome Experiment and soake up good info. If you would like info for around Arizona I may be able to help as well. Hope to see you in January here in beautiful Arizona!!!

    1. Hi Tami (and Patrick)! Thanks for reading and for the offer of a meetup. That would be fun! We plan to be in a variety of areas in AZ, including the Xscapers convergences and a week in the Mesa area. We have some friends and family in AZ, but would love to hear about the Phoenix/Mesa area. I’ll also put you on our list of people to contact when we get closer to AZ. 🙂

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