Working Vacation

Here we are in Seaside, Oregon, hanging out on the beach and enjoying the great food and sunshine. Well…not really.

A lot of people think RV’ing full time means we’re not working or, even if they know we’re working, they forget and think of us as on vacation. We should be sending photos everyday of all the fun and relaxing things we’re doing and seeing. Wrong. Brian works 7am to 3pm every weekday. I worked 30 hours a week until the end of June and am now taking a course that’s nearly full-time. We also have to maintain and fix things on the RV and our car. We still have to do all the mundane things like clean our home and go grocery shopping.

Last week was one of those mostly mundane weeks. We moved from Long Beach to Seaside last Sunday. It takes us about two hours from getting out of bed to pulling out of the site. That includes showers and breakfast besides packing up, emptying tanks, storing cables and hoses, etc. Our drive was only an hour this time, then we had to unpack, set up the cables and hoses, etc. That typically takes another hour or so. We went out for lunch afterward, though more often we will eat in our RV either on the road or right after we get parked. By the time we’re done with it all, the idea of going out to explore is a no-go. We’re tired and usually spend our Sunday evenings relaxing with our cats.

We did take some time last Monday afternoon to explore Seaside a bit. If you’re on our Wandering Gants Instagram or Facebook Page, you probably saw a few photos; but here are some for those who aren’t.

This week started with some friends from Portland meeting us for a few hours. We checked out the Seaside Brewery – ate, drank, did the Tilt-A-Whirl (no, no one got sick), then drove to Cannon Beach for another drink at the Public Coast Brewery. A couple of these friends are my old co-workers. Even though it’s only been about three weeks since my last day, I still miss them a lot and am glad we had a few hours together. Thanks for coming out everyone!

20180722_150552 (1)
Tina and Julie on the Tilt-A-Whirl in Seaside. (Photo credit: Brian Gant)

The rest of our time at Seaside has been mainly working, studying, resting a bit, working on the RV, cleaning, and running errands. We’ve done dinner out a few times, in Seaside and Cannon Beach; but so far I’ve not felt any of the restaurants were blog-worthy. We’re also checking into some alternative reservations for southern Oregon and Northern California in case the fires in that area are still causing problems at the end of August. (I sure hope not!)

Oh. What course?

Oops. Most of you don’t know that I’m working on a career change. I’ve been a little frustrated with job options, so I decided this week to finish the Medical Transcription Editing course I started a year ago. I’d stopped because I thought I was keeping my old job, but they let me restart the course with an extension. Awesome! This will help me with the proofreading and writing I want to do as well, and it will all be freelance. Hooray for flexibility! What that means, though, is that I’ll be working on my course about 7 hours every weekday…just like a job. The good news is that I can work on it during whatever time I want. Hooray for flexibility again!

So there you have it – the not always exciting part of RV life. Stay tuned for next week’s eye exams and haircuts!        …Okay. We might do something fun in there too.

Until next time!