Leaving Home

It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks for us!

We stayed at Thunderbird RV Park in Monroe (WA), which is very near where we were living prior to moving into the RV. This time, at least, the weather was not cold though still rainy a lot of the time.

This was our time to see our Seattle-area family and friends before heading off on what will likely be a two-year journey around the country. Mind you, we don’t plan to stop traveling after those two years. We just don’t plan to be back in the Seattle area until then.

We had a great time celebrating Brian’s birthday and my mom’s birthday, catching up with my brother and dad, and hanging out with good friends. I don’t have any photos because I was having too much fun!

We didn’t really explore the local area because it’s where we’ve lived for most of my life and a few decades for Brian, but we did enjoy some of our favorite restaurants and found a great new tap house. Calabria Ristorante Italiano is the best north-end Italian restaurant you’ll find. Our friends, Rhonda and Pete, own it and make you feel right at home. The food is that lovely Italian comfort food that Rhonda learned to cook from spending summers with her grandmother in the Calabria region of Italy. It feels like you’ve been invited to their home for dinner. Blu Sardinia, in Redmond, is owned by another friend, Rodrigo. The food there receives a lot of oohs and ahhs because it looks just as amazing as it tastes. I highly recommend both of these places. Make reservations on the weekends and maybe even on certain weekdays, and sit out on their patios in the warm sunshine for the ultimate experience. Lastly, on the recommendation of our friend, Diann, we went to the Trail’s End Tap House in Snohomish. Yes, it’s a tap house; but they serve really good food and not the greasy pub food you expect. We actually went there twice while we were in town. The staff is friendly and everything from the stroganoff and salmon-spinach salad to the huge rack of ribs and house made cheesecake was great! Give them a try if you’re ever in the area. Oh and, by the way, “Trail’s End” is because they’re at the end of the Centennial Trail there in Snohomish, so you can take a nice walk or bike ride before or after your beer and food.

That about wraps up our visit.  Lots of great food and some really awesome time spent with family and friends. It was difficult saying farewell to all of you even knowing (hoping) we’ll see at least some of you again soon. We’ll miss you all!

Yesterday was a travel day. We had a couple of hiccups leaving the campground – maybe Brian will tell you about those; but we resolved them and got on the road just a little later than desired. Now we’re here in our last Washington stop before heading out on our journey around the country.

Next up: The Coast!

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