Time Flies!

Wow. I feel like it’s only been a week or two since my last post, but it’s been over a month! Sorry everyone! Let’s catch you up on the last few weeks.


We spent three weeks in Spokane hanging with our great friends, Val and Gordon. We even had a chance to connect with Brian’s ex-coworker and friend, Kris! We did some touristy things like a hike at Bowl and Pitcher (made short due to mosquitoes) and walk around Riverfront Park. As you know, we had an amazing experience at The Eagles concert. We checked out No-Li‘s Brewpub and tasted some pretty good vodka and gin and Dry Fly Distillery. Of course, we also had some fabulous dinners at Mizuna and Wild Sage, where we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. I highly recommend both restaurants!


We also had the RV worked on due to it not passing emissions. I wasn’t surprised as we think it sat for several years before we purchased it. Unfortunately, the shop had it longer than expected (much longer); so we spent three nights in a hotel with the cats (their stress is our stress) and lost all the food in our fridge. The “just spend $150 in diagnostics to get the waiver” ended up being very expensive with the hotel and food loss added in. After we got the RV back, we couldn’t get the fridge to cool down due to the high heat and our inexperience; but we finally figured it out and things are ‘cool’ now. (Haha. Pun intended.)

On top of all that, my boss had to give me some bad news. They had to rescind the virtual aspect of my job and HR was requiring that I either come back to work in the office within 30 days or tender my resignation. I won’t talk about the details here, but suffice it to say I was upset (angry, then sad) and I think my boss was even more so. On top of losing me, they’ve told him they won’t be replacing me – meaning he’s in the lurch. I feel bad, but not bad enough to come back to that life. (Sorry, Dan.) I will miss everyone there so much. It’s really hard to explain. If you’ve ever had a job working with people you love and doing things that are interesting and challenging, you know what I mean. I’ve shed lots of tears about having to walk away from these people. My last day is this Friday, June 29th. I’m working on my resume and am moving forward with a career “refocus”.

Crescent Bar

We moved from Spokane to Crescent Bar, which is just outside of Quincy and about 25 miles south of Wenatchee (WA). Crescent Bar is a resort area right on the Columbia River. It’s essentially a very large sand bar with vacation condos, rv parks, campgrounds, etc. We stayed at the Thousand Trails there. Crescent Bar has a few restaurants (three) and tiny grocery store and a few other little retail spots. Be warned. If you go there outside of peak season, you should stock up on food in Quincy or elsewhere. The shops have limited days and hours off-peak.


While we were parked there, I went off to be in ceremony for a week. It was good to do that after the job news. I was able to focus on the ceremony, instead of the loss of my job, and came out of it with good ideas for moving forward with a new career and even made some connections who offered to help with it. I’m ever grateful for that community and the ceremony itself.

I was back just four days before we picked up and moved again. Just enough time rest after the ceremony, do a lot of laundry, and visit the river a couple of times.


Ballard was awesome…and a little scary!

We’d tried to find a place to be near Seattle months earlier, but couldn’t. The best we could do was to arrive on Father’s Day, but that wouldn’t work. You see, it was the 50th birthday party for one of our best friends, Kristen. At nearly the last moment, her husband (LeRoi) texted to say the event space would allow us to park our RV in the parking lot! Woohoo! That was early Friday afternoon. We finished our workdays, then started getting into the ‘move mindset’.

We took off Saturday morning and arrived in Ballard around mid-afternoon. The cats weren’t excited about the longer than usual drive, but they survived. I wasn’t excited about the narrow streets and low wires of North Seattle/Ballard, but we survived (as did the RV.) We ended up with a great spot against some trees and had an amazing back yard for the day/night!


The best part was that we got to attend Kristen’s party and spend time with both her and LeRoi along with other friends. Thank you, LeRoi, for making it happen! Happy Birthday, Kristen!

Fall City

The next day, we moved to our campground for the week. It’s a Thousand Trails campground in Fall City (WA). It was our first time without sewer hookups and we only had 30 amp power. For those not in the know, this means we had to be very careful about how much water went down our drains or the toilet and about how much electricity we were using. I think we did pretty good, though I was lucky enough to be working in my office with a/c during the hotter days. (This was a planned visit to the office before they rescinded the virtual role.)

We also got to meet up with our friend, Don, who introduced us to a great Mexican restaurant in the Issaquah Highlands. If you’re ever in the area, I definitely recommend checking out Agave. We had a great time talking with Don about music, the RV life and hopefully getting together on the road. Thanks, Don!

Moving Forward

We’re now a bit north of Seattle, spending as much time as possible with friends and family in the area before we head out of the state in mid-July. We’re done with our shakedown portion of the trip and are ready for the open road. I can hardly believe it’s been just over three months since we moved in! Sure. We know things will still break and there will be other challenges, but we feel we’re better able to manage and cope when they come up and the benefits far outweigh those challenges. I’m grateful for the time we’ve had with our Washington friends and family and am looking forward to seeing those of you outside of Washington!

For more photos, check out the Photo Gallery.

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  1. Thanks for the happy (except about the job) new post. The kitties look happy, I’m glad to see.
    Yes, time flies, indeed. You remember the old Indian saying, “Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.” Words to live by! (Or was that an old grocery store saying?
    Good luck in your job search. Wish I could help.
    Uncle Allen in Zion (Salt Lake City)

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