The Eagles!

Brian and I went to the Eagles concert last night. Cool. Right? Wrong. Super cool! Here’s the story…

So Lucky!

When we were still in the Seattle area, we checked out tickets for the Eagles concert there. At the time, we were forking over a LOT of money for rent plus all the renovations and repairs we were making on the RV; so we just couldn’t justify the price. When we arrived in Spokane, the local #Bob radio station was giving away tickets if you texted ‘Walsh’ or ‘Eagles’ when they told you to and they’d contact the winners on the Tuesday before the concert. We said ‘Why not?’ We’d still be in town that day. We rarely win anything (think maybe four or five things in my life), but thought we had nothing to lose. I texted from my phone, but (realized later I must have typo’d the number.) Brian apparently text’d one other time too, then I texted on both of our phones one day while he was driving.

That Tuesday, we were working in a hotel room due to some repairs being done on the Raven’s Haven. We were a bit stressed and tired and a bit upset at the delay. (I’m sure Brian will fill in everyone about that soon.) Brian got a call from a local 509 number and almost didn’t answer, but was hoping it was the shop calling about our RV. Nope! It was #Bob calling to give us the tickets! We’d won!

The tickets were for the middle of an upper section about 4 sections down from the stage. We didn’t care though. We were going to see the Eagles live! That’s something I’ve wanted for at least a couple of decades and Brian probably since high school or college. It was a bucket list item for sure!

We went down early and had a nice dinner at a southern-style smokehouse called Blackbird. It’s pretty good food. I wouldn’t say amazing, but it’s definitely a good stop if you’re looking for a good spot to eat near the Spokane Arena.

We got to our seats very early, even after buying t-shirts, and were told they were moving us – as in everyone in that section. Weird. When they handed us our new tickets, we were so excited! We ended up on stage left about 19 rows up! Woohoo! All we can figure is the Universe was making up for the whole delayed repairs/hotel thing.

Why did we get moved? Well, Don Henley got sick just before the original concert date of May 8th. This was a rescheduled concert. There were two whole empty rows that we were all moved into. Our guess is someone must have had a block of seats and couldn’t make the new date. We were close enough to the stage, and they were filming; so we assume they needed us to fill-in the blanks. Okay by us! We were so lucky and are truly grateful! Thanks, Spokane!

The Concert

Wow. Well, I’ve never cried at a concert that I can recall; but must have cried through at least seven or more of the songs at this one. I love the Eagles. Their music is amazing and their singing is full of feeling. I don’t think I’ve ever cried when any of their songs have come on the radio though. Maybe I’ve gotten a little misty during Desperado? I’m not even invested in any of the individual band members. Don’t get me wrong. I was never someone to fawn all over Don Henley or Glenn Frey (RIP) and definitely am not a screaming guitar person á la Joe Walsh, but I have mad respect for all of them. So why was I crying? Emotion. It was something Brian and I have wanted to do for so long and we were finally there. I was letting go of a lot of stress from the past week (and maybe the past few months.) You could tell the men were still emotional over the loss of Glenn Frey and they were obviously so proud of Deacon Frey for how well he stepped into his dad’s shoes. The songs themselves are very emotional and the band still sings them with reverence for their stories. So I cried, tears streaming down my face, for the first five songs and then during a few certain others later in the night.

I’m not sure what else to say. The concert was truly incredible – not in an awesome, over the top way; but just because there were these extremely talented musicians who made it feel more like they were hanging out and jamming than putting on a show. Trust me, it was a show; but those guys were just so relaxed with each other and the audience – and most definitely with their instruments and the songs – that it felt more like a get-together at one of their homes. I can’t really explain it much more. Go see them if you can and you’ll see what I mean.

Some Pics

We weren’t allowed to bring anything other than cell phones, and my phone camera isn’t even close to good, especially trying to zoom in the dark; but I thought I’d share some of what I was able to capture.

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Thank you to whatever lucky stars, Spirit, Universe, karma, Goddess gave us this night. It’s definitely one we’ll never forget.

6 thoughts on “The Eagles!

  1. As an extremely elderly music lover who still believes that the absolute and uttermost zenith of popular music was reached by the Rolling Stones, a decade before the Eagles began flapping their wings, I had hoped to learn that you guys had seen a couple of actual eagles, you know, like two male goldens in aerial combat. And had photos. Ah, well, you got your Eagles, I got mine; but mine got feathers, really fly, and can dive on an elderly has-been rock star at as much as 150 miles an hour…
    Don’t worry, I still envy your freedom (eagle-like) and adventure. Keep the posts coming to us earthbound critters, but watch out for real eagles when you let the cats out for some fresh air.
    And check this out –

    1. LOL, Uncle Allen. Well said. I guess we see so many bird eagles in Washington now (luckily and through the hard efforts of many people), that it’s not something we’d remark on unless one was perhaps in our campsite. That said, I do love feathered eagles of all kinds and sometimes cry when I see them too. 🙂 What we have seen a lot of here in Eastern Washington is Ravens and I love them too, but haven’t been able to get a good pic. As for the Rolling Stones – I never knew you were more into the Rock Rock as opposed to Southern Rock. 🙂 I like the Stones too, but the sound of the Eagles touches me more. Don’t worry yourself. The cats likely won’t be going outside, unless possibly on a harness and leash in our hand. We’d rather avoid all the pitfalls of parasites, feline diseases, small gifts from them in the form of mice, etc, and bigger animals/birds taking off with them. For now, they’re happy watching the world from inside with multiple places to hide when scary people and things get too close. 😉

  2. But I respect your choice in music, and, yes, music makes me cry sometimes – from rock to Bach.
    As for what music is “good” music, the brilliant Duke Ellington once said, “If it sounds good, it is good!” Amen.

    1. Yes. I think most people can have that reaction depending on the song. It’s certainly not the first time I’ve cried to a song and I’m sure it won’t be the last. There are a couple of Fleetwood Mac songs that do it, a David Bowie song, and a smattering of other songs from the 50s to modern day. Have you seen this study about it?

      I agree whole-heartedly with Mr Ellington! Brian and I both enjoy all kinds of music, some more than others (very little rap or country would be on our lists). In fact, part of our excitement about this lifestyle is the opportunity to experience more live music and have loose plans currently for Austin, Nashville and New Orleans. 🙂

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