Thunderbird RV and Camping Resort

We stayed at Thunderbird RV and Camping Resort for three weeks while we finished up things at our apartment and got ourselves (mostly) settled into the RV. The town of Monroe is about a 30 minute drive to our old place and one we’re familiar with, so it made sense. It’s also a Thousand Trails campground, so it was free with our paid membership.

I will say that the weather (see Rain, Rain. Go away.) and our move stress definitely impacted our stay at Thunderbird and how I felt about it, but – stepping back a bit – I can honestly say I feel Thunderbird is a nice campground.

It certainly has some older amenities, but they didn’t seem that old. They were replacing the mini-golf ‘grass’ while we were there and everything seemed clean. I even used the laundry facilities without grossing out and that’s saying something for this woman! They do the typical family lodge/pool and adult lodge/pool, which I’m sure will be great when summer hits and there are tons of kids there. Speaking of summer, I’m willing to bet those beautiful Douglas Firs will be welcome relief from the sun during the heat of July and August! Oh and for those of you who don’t have a camper, the do have cabins and yurts for rent.

The staff and annuals (people living there year ’round) were very nice – at least the ones we spoke with. I felt warmly welcomed by our neighbors and bet we would have had help if we’d needed it. There’s a weekend breakfast buffet at the family lodge and all sorts of social events starting in May through the Fall.

Monroe itself is growing up. Main Street Monroe with the awesome Sky River Bakery is about a 15 minute drive. All the big name stores are a couple of minutes farther across Highway 2 and there are restaurants everywhere. The river is just on the other side of the road from the campground and it’s beautiful, of course. I didn’t see a way to access it easily, but there’s a park just a few miles away that looks like it goes down to the water.

There were a couple of cons: We blew our GFCI a couple of times because the electricity coming from their pole didn’t have all the 120 kick. The rain. Oh. Did I already mention that? The dirt pads were a bit soft from – yes, you guessed it – the rain; so our jacks sank a bit. Other than that, I really can’t think of anything we disliked about it.

Everyone was huddled into their campers while we were there because of the cold and rain, but I bet this campground is bustling in the summer. Take your pick: What will likely be the crazy and fun chaos of summer or a bit cool and maybe rainy, but super quiet the rest of the year. I bet May and September are perfect there. We’ll be back there this June, so we’ll update you on the summer activities then!


4 thoughts on “Thunderbird RV and Camping Resort

  1. Yes yes yes, yeah ok Monroe is swell, but is there a GOOD Mexican restaurant in the area? Wanderers do not live by mashed potatoes and gravy alone!
    U. Allen

    1. You’re so right! There were two that have great reviews, but we didn’t have time to try either of them. And, really, nothing compares to Red Iguana!

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