The Done, the Not Done and the Unexpected, Part 2

The accomplishments of the past month or so as described in Part 1 have been great.  But, there is still much to do.  Which brings us to Part 2, what is NOT done.

The Not Done

Oh, list of not doneness, let me count the ways.

We still have MUCH to do in the RV to finish up our move in.  From our research watching other full-timers who are on YouTube, the litany to do’s and projects is no less voluminous than a sticks and bricks (nomadic code word of the day #hyoulearnedsomething), just different.  The expense can be greater (to replace our RV refrigerator, for example, would be around $3,000 plus labor) in some cases.  Others, you just don’t have the expense at all (typically electric, water and sewer are included).  Still, to make the RV our own, we have several projects to tackle.

One of things we hated about RVs in general, were the window treatments.  Boxy and dark is a good way to start to describe them.

The old ‘office’ – our dining room table and chairs.

So, we’ve embarked on a revamp of windows, installing curtains instead of boxed shades (which were very nasty).  We have three more windows to complete and each window has had different installation challenges.  The three remaining windows to change out are all outside walls, which in an RV means, unpredictable materials, locations of materials and approaches to wall attachment.  The current thinking is self-tapping screws of just the right length.  They’ll be super strong, but won’t go too far beyond the inner wall of the aluminum frame. #unexpected

The other big addition/remodelling is the old front TV cabinet.  It used to house a monster heavy, 30″ tube television.  Ancient.  SD.  Not modern.  Since we stream most everything, we are converting that cabinet hole into storage and adding a safe.  It has been on the to do list for many weeks, but other tasks and activities have taken precedence in the queue.  It is stuffed with stuff right now to keep the cats out. (UPDATE:  this got moved to done since the weather was dry enough for me to finish what I needed to do with wood, cutting thereof, etc.).

Speaking of keeping the cats out of places they shouldn’t be, last week, our little lady decided she needed to hunt for a dark place to hide out.  Not unusual for her, but her choice of location was.  The dashboard. The LAST thing we need is for the cats to decide that the dashboard is a favorite hidey hole.  The mixture of worrying about whether she was going to be able to get out versus what damage to connectors galore she was doing was a stressful moment.  Fortunately we had two things in our favor.  The first is that there is an access panel on top of the dash to get to the gauges and other wiring for the cockpit instruments.  I pulled that off to get the favorable second thing, she’d made it to that point in the dash and I could lift her out #unexpected.  So, I have some corrugated plastic that I will cut to size and screw/pop rivet/Velcro in place to keep the cats out.

We still need to figure out our tow situation (or toad, as it is referred to in the “lifestyle”).  At the moment, the Explorer cannot be towed.  I did discover yesterday though, that there is a Neutral Tow Kit available that makes Explorers of the 4WD variety tow-able with four tires down.  It is really just some adjustments to the computer  to assure that neutral is really and truly neutral.  I have inquiries out to two local Ford dealerships about the work.  If the answer is yes, we avoid having to buy another vehicle right now that is tow-able.  Here’s to hoping!  Once we get the toad figured out, we’ll need to get the towing gear.  That’ll be spendy but worth it for both of us to ride in the coach at the same time.

There is also a bevy of other miscellaneous things to accomplish.  Need to reattach one of the furnace intakes, one screw won’t go in easily, the other is loose.  Some things need a thorough cleaning, such as the tops of the three exhaust vents that are grungy as hell.  I need to contemplate the order of our fresh water system components (pressure regulator, filters, etc.), as I suspect that the low pressure issue we are seeing is caused by a bad set up.  I need to replace the double light fixture over Julie’s desk with a new one,  out with the crappy antiqued brass, in with the brushed nickel.  Expecting new wiper washer parts tomorrow (the squirters on there now are busted) and will need to get those installed by Friday next.  Want to replace my 21″ monitor and laptop set up with a 30″ Ultra-wide monitor so I can not have my laptop’s up all the time.  I have a few things to drop with Chelsea that ended up with us.  Need to get noise cancelling headphones for both of us to isolate ourselves during work hours.  The list goes on and on and on.

So, just like any other house, there are always projects or tasks to deal with.  I keep reminding myself that thankfully this isn’t a boat on water, that would truly have been hell for the last month.

Watch for Part 3, where we delve deeply into the unexpected issues that show up.  There’ll be a doozy or two for sure!