Rain, Rain. Go away.

Oh my gosh. I feel like we’ve had so much more continuous rain this year in the Seattle area, but maybe it’s because we’re in our RV and not as removed from Nature? What I do know is that I’m really looking forward to seeing sunshine on a regular basis! (“Soon”,  whispers my inner voice. “Soon!”) On the bright side, all the rain means I’m not missing being outside while we continue to work on our RV. 😉


So…what did we do this week? Well, we worked our day jobs and we worked on clearing more stuff out of the apartment and the RV. Brian installed some of our new curtains. Yes. Some – not all. Who knew that each window would have its own lovely, and different, surprise hiding behind the wall? Some windows have nothing – as in nothing to grab onto. One has what we think is an aluminum beam (strut? whatever.) One went up well with pop rivets (thanks RV Geeks!) and I think that’s what Brian’s going to be focusing on for all but the ones with the aluminum behind them. We also got rid of the dining room table and chairs and installed our bamboo desks. That actually went as planned and was super easy to do. Our work space is so much better now! I also started replacing our drawer pulls/knobs with the new ones we bought – going from the old brass to a Swedish Iron (like antiqued silver.) It looks great!


We also had some visitors in the form of some awesome friends on Saturday who hung out and helped us relax for what was really the first time in our new home. Yes, we’ve watched a couple of shows; but that didn’t relax me nearly as much as spending time with good friends. Thanks, D and J! My mom came out on Sunday. We had a fantastic Easter lunch. Mom brought fruit and we bought a broccoli bacon quiche and cinnamon raisin bread from a local bakery. Our thanks to Sky River Bakery for making our Easter easy and so good! If you’re ever in the Monroe (WA) area, I highly recommend checking them out. I called to see if I should reserve a quiche and not only did they do that, but they also offered to custom bake one for us! Their customer relations were excellent and the quiche and bread were awesome!

What’s Next?

This week, we’re finishing up with the apartment and some things we want/need to get done before we move to our next spot. We’ll be turning over the keys to the apartment mid-week, then our eyes and minds will definitely be leaning toward what needs to be stored or ‘battened down’ before we get on the road Saturday. Let’s hope the cats take their second trip in the RV a little better too!

7 thoughts on “Rain, Rain. Go away.

  1. Really enjoyed my personal visit with you two on Easter Sunday. The grand-cats seem to have adapted well. It was good to see them. I was thrilled to actually get to see Callie. Your work stations are great. Looks like you have a great road ahead (with maybe a few bumps along the way) and, so many great memories to have forever.
    Love you both. Mom

  2. You will love it once your on the road. So many places to see, new people to meet and yes a little sunshine if your heading south……Hugs and safe travels wherever it may be.

    1. Thanks, Patricia. Yes, once we’re done with the apartment and into some sunshine life will be great! We’re heading to Eastern WA toward the end of April and definitely expecting some sunshine there!

    1. Yes! We just moved in about a month ago and have been sticking around the local area just to finish things up. I’ll have to check out your blog to see how things have gone for you.

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