Space and Thunder!

Where Will It All Go?

Wow! Honestly, I knew we’d be getting rid of more stuff as we tried to pack what’s left of our belongings into the RV and we’ve definitely done that. What I didn’t realize is how much I could actually fit in here!

Trust me. I’m being creative, but I’m really fitting more and tossing less than I thought we would. My clothes, my herbal creations and the means to make more, all my lovely kitchen gadgets – it’s all making the cut!

We’re not done yet. We’re both still working, though we’ve also taken some time off this week. Me, just to work on the unpacking and Brian because he’s been sick. Even so, Brian’s working hard to get the apartment finished up and get our desks and curtains installed.

I did take the time for a couple of short walks this week. We’re staying at Thunderbird RV & Camping Resort in Monroe. It’s part of our Thousand Trails membership, so it’s ‘free’ (not really when you include the membership fee and annual dues.) The campground needs updating, but it’s super quiet and the spots are nice with decent separation. The people are friendly too.

Thunder at Thunderbird?

We’ve had to learn our heating systems quite well this week. The weather has been cold, near freezing. It’s supposed to snow tonight, maybe even with some thunder, and dip into the high 20’s on Sunday. You have to be super careful in an RV since it doesn’t have insulated hoses, pipes or tanks. Apparently, there is such a thing as a ‘poopsicle’ and that’s all I really want to know about that. 😉 We were hoping to avoid all the cold weather right off the bat, but apparently the Universe wants us to learn how to handle it now. So far, so good. Knock on wood.

That’s about it for this week. Upcoming…more unpacking and making it home plus visits from family and friends!

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  1. Um, whatever happened to the old spinning wheel. Not that I want it, mind you! = Uncle A.

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