We’re In!

Good morning from chilly Monroe, Washington! We made it and are now officially living in our RV! (Yes, we’ll name her soon.)

Will We or Won’t We?

The past few days have been crazy! As of last Tuesday, we’d already cancelled our storage space for the RV having planned on moving in a week or two earlier. We had a reservation for our campground starting Saturday, which had already been rescheduled once (and the previous campground cancelled.) Those darn house batteries were still causing us grief and the RV still needed to be de-winterized. We had an appointment set for the de-winterization on Wednesday with a promise they’d be done by Friday, but they were also going to take a look at the battery issue that the current shop (working on the engine tune-up) had noted. Talk about a nail-biter!

Friday morning, still unsure what we’d be doing that weekend, I called the shop. “You’re all set. The inverter just had to be reset. We’re just finishing up the bill.” Sweet!! We opted to pick up the RV on Saturday morning, so we’d have all day to move things in then keep it at Dad’s house for a night, finish things up in the morning, then head to our campground Sunday afternoon. As we’re learning in this lifestyle – plans change.

It did go somewhat like that, but Brian’s finishing work on the old tube TV boxes took longer than expected (it had to be done to keep the cats away from wires and insulation) and we didn’t get started on moving things until after noon both days. But…we had help (Thanks, Chelsea and Kristen!) and we still made it here by late afternoon on Sunday.

Then the power went out.

Okay, not really. We were plugged into the electric hookups running along, getting settled and letting the cats investigate. As Brian and Chelsea were walking out the door to get her back home, the lights went out. What?! Oh god. Not that bleepity-bleep bleep inverter!! Our outlets worked, so we knew it wasn’t our connection to the city electric. Brian and I did some troubleshooting, but he really had to get Chelsea back and the paperwork with our warranty info was at the apartment. (Why? Because we’d needed it last week and hadn’t brought it back to the RV.) So I grabbed my flashlight and searched for our candles in the fading light. No luck. Not.in.any.boxes.anywhere. And our emergency kits are all still at the apartment. Grrr. So I sat.

[No pictures here because it was dark.]

Brian finally called with the 24×7 Tech info. I called. They took my info and said a tech would call. They called back. Oh, I need our producer’s code? Great. I’ll have to call you back. Oh. I have to start all over? Great. Got the info from Brian, called back, went through it all again. Then the tech called. Phew! Did you try this? Does this work? Go to your inverter. I looked in every.single.bay – in the pitch dark with my flashlight – and couldn’t find it. Just as I was about to say we’d have to call back (again) when Brian got back, the tech says “Are you sure no one turned off the battery disconnect by the door?” Oh jeez. Really?! Yep. Sure enough. I flipped that switch, flipped the light switch and voila! Lights! Lesson learned – warn people not to lean against or put their hands on those switches and definitely check them first! That was 2 (more) hours of high stress that was definitely not needed. Brian got home about 10 minutes later. 😉


We’d done it! We were (mostly) moved in. We had lights and heat. The cats were as adjusted as they could be. We ate – McDonalds. Not what I wanted for our first night, but plans change. We did have some whiskey. 😉

…stay tuned for our Day Two post!