It’s a Go! (I hope.)

Just a quick note to tell everyone that it looks like our battery issue is resolved (it was actually the inverter) and we are moving into the RV this weekend! Hooray! I’ll try to get a ‘moving day’ post up sometime early next week.

4 thoughts on “It’s a Go! (I hope.)

  1. You do have AAA towing coverage, right?
    Seriously, I’m excited to start hearing your stories of life on the road.
    Remind us all – how many cats do you have? Is there material for a children’s book here? Might pay for a whole year of travel.

    1. We don’t have AAA, but do have three options for towing and roadside assistance plus a warranty. Really, considering it’s a 2005 RV that sat for at least a couple of years, it’s had very few issues and most are from it having sat for so long. The battery issue is what was ongoing and mainly just because people thought they had it fixed, but it wasn’t. Now that we know it was the inverter and that’s been resolved, it’s good. (Knock on wood.) We’ll probably still get new house batteries soon just to be safe. The exterior has relatively minor dings and the interior is beautiful with just a couple of stains on the carpet that I’ll be working on. Most of what we’ve been doing the past several months is renovation/upgrade work and basic maintenance – installing a washer/dryer, having the old tube tv’s removed, installing a new toilet (the old one worked, the new one is nicer and quieter), getting it detailed, winterized/dewinterized, tune-up, etc. 🙂

      There are three cats: Coyote, Callie and Slinky. I’m sure they will be starring in many of our blogs. A children’s book? Hmm…The Wandering Cats? 😉 Good idea, Uncle Allen!

      We look forward to posting about our travels and talking with – and seeing – many of our friends and family! I hope we can figure out when to get to Utah soon!

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