Oh, delays, how I loathe thee

x4527Well.  Damn.

We’ve had the coach up at a truck service center to have the suspension looked at (not one, but TWO RV shops can’t handle suspension work).  Currently, after a few days sitting after driving, the coach lists to the passenger side.   Evidently, one of the air bags on that side in the suspension has a slow leak and the auto-leveling tech eventually fails.

Great, good to know, let’s get it fixed!

Then, because they are what I now know from personal experience a very thorough establishment, I get a list of other things that need fixing.  Yay!

Used RV = many little things to fix

I asked them to give the engine a once over, quote for a tune-up, oil change.  The usual.  Boy, did they get thorough.  We have a few things to look into:

  • Coolant reservoir has a leak, yeah, this needs to be fixed.  How much?
  • Radiator cap – yeah, approved, fix that for the $20 you said.
  • Exhaust leaks – one at the manifold (which is right under our bedroom) and at the muffler.  So, diesel exhaust leaking into the cabin?  Fix it!
  • Oil seepage in various places on the engine.  Ummm…how many and how bad?
  • Rear axle tire hubs (all 4) look to have leaked at some point.  Service guy says that can simply be a factor of sitting for awhile, which this rig has done.
  • Wipers (yes, wipers) once side doesn’t spray much and one side sprays down.

Most of this could be very minor.  Replace some gaskets, check some lines, all good.  Others could be more dramatic.  Thankfully, we bought a warranty and some of this will be covered.

preview16Couple that with forgetting a bit of maintenance at the RV shop…de-winterizing…with the fact that it is still being like winter up here, can’t really put any water in the systems unless we are in it with the heaters on.  See the conundrum?  Why is it all so complicated?

So, what we get is an exercise in patience

We now wait for quotes and warranty coverage.  We then wait for an opening at the RV shop for flushing the water systems.  Sigh. Better now than on the road.  I’m grateful for that.  Still…fits and starts SUCK!

Home ownership is the same, no matter the type!

5 thoughts on “Oh, delays, how I loathe thee

  1. Used sometimes equals problems…but then new can also equal problems. Bummer either way. Hope it all works out soon.

  2. Sorry to hear of the leaks and issues, once its all fixed lets hope you can travel for a few years without issues. Whether its a car, home there will always be some kind of issue. Just keep smiling……..

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