17 Days! And I really did lose time!

Wow! I realized recently that I had been counting down to the end of February – the 28th, but we’d changed it a few weeks ago and are actually moving into the RV on February 24th! I lost four whole days! Yikes! Read on for the latest update.


So, where are we at now? Hmm…the RV is in the same shop finishing up the pretty white toilet installation and getting detailed so she’ll be nice and clean when we move in. Next up is a look at the air bags to make sure we’ll be stable when we’re parked. (One of them has a slow leak.) I’m still a little worried this will blow past our move-in date, but Brian’s confident in the 24th. Two and a half weeks! Gulp.

otter cover eyes
Other than that, we’re still slowly getting rid of stuff. I’m pretty much down to clothes I wear to the office and the extra kitchen stuff we’re keeping for now because we have a dishwasher. Yep. You read right. There’s no dishwasher in the RV. I think we’ll survive. Most of the remaining furniture is going to Chelsea and we’re still using it, so it’ll go away after we get moved. The garage? That’s Brian’s domain and I try not to look. 😉

I spent last weekend reading every little detail of our Thousand Trails and RPI contracts. Good grief that’s a lot of repetitive legal jargon and rules – and restrictions! Once I was done with that, I felt that I had it mostly figured out and started making our reservations for the next few months. It’s confirmed, we’ll be in Fall City late February/early March while we finish up things at our apartment, then Monroe through the end of March and LaConner through the first part of April. Now I’m working on reservations for our Eastern WA travels in May and June.

Okay, friends. That’s about it for now. We’re going to the Seattle RV show this weekend to check out a few classes and the new award-winning Winnebago. You may see a post about all that if I remember to take pics!


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  1. You will feel like a free spirit without all of your stuff. Enjoy each day and I’m so happy for you both.

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