29 days! I think I just lost time.

How on Earth did we go from 38 days to 29 days!? Seriously! I guess it’s time for an update and some pics.

Well, the RV is still in the shop. They had accidentally stapled our work order to the bottom of someone else’s, so it sat for a little over a week. These guys are normally really great, so no need to give them flack. It’s all good. Anyway, with very little going on here other than more downsizing and more discussions about where we want to go and how and when and…I thought I’d post some ‘before’ photos for those who haven’t already seen them.

Exterior Driver Side with Brian
There she is! 2005 Safari Gazelle
Entry. When we’re driving, there’s a floorboard that comes out to cover the steps and there’s also a foot rest built into the chair.
Dining and Partial Living
These will be removed and replaced with our desks and some sort of a fold out dining table.
Kitchen. You can see holes in the countertop. Those are handles to remove part of the counter that lifts out to reveal the gas stove and double sink.
Front Living
Front Living and Cockpit. That TV is gone and the cupboard will be used for storage. The chairs will swivel around to become part of the living space.
Shower Sink
Shower and vanity #1
Hallway and ‘Wash Closet’ (toilet with vanity #2 and more cupboards). There are pocket doors about where the living area meets the bathroom area and between the bathroom area and the bedroom.
Bedroom – Julie can stand up straight in the closet!
Bedroom Drawers Window
Bedroom drawers, washer/dryer combo in the cupboard on the right. We took out that TV too and are making that space into a cat cubby.

8 thoughts on “29 days! I think I just lost time.

  1. Register this as enthusiastic approval from Uncle Allen! I will hold positive thoughts, send what energy I can spare, and may join a church just so I can pray for the cats!!! By the time you point the bow of the Flying Gant toward Utah, we may have downsized (I get nauseous just thinking about that), sold the house, and moved to a downtown/near downtown condo, with our (probably last ever) brave black pug, Harry Truman. Keep us posted and we’ll do the same. I think your going away celebration should include a gift-giving event where you give something you love but can’t find room for to each of your guests, and accept no stuff in return, just good wishes and love.
    Hmmm. Just filled in the blanks below, but I no longer “join” online stuff, on principle. So no “Gravatar” or “WordPress” . Neither Twitter nor Facebook. You’ll have to imagine my serene countenance gazing out at you whenever I leave a message.
    Cranky Old Uncle Allen.
    But can I put images in this space, like a photo of Harry the Pug?

    1. You’re so funny, Uncle Allen. I do miss you a lot! We’ll get to Utah as soon as we can and will visit you up in the hills or downtown – wherever you’re at. I checked and you are signed up correctly and should receive emails whenever we make a new post or reply to your comments. Love you and please give my love to Aunt Julie.

  2. Thanks for guiding me on how to get connected here. It was fun to read brother Allen’s words. He is very entertaining with his words. So now I look forward to seeing your blogs and do we get to see comments from friends and family? Happy wandering! Love you both! Mom

    1. Thanks, John! So many people are saying they’re jealous. All I can say is do Internet searches for ‘full time rv’ – especially on YouTube. You would not believe how many people are full-timing and what they’re doing for work while they’re traveling. Until you get on the road yourself, feel free to live vicariously through all of us! 😉

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