More Maintenance & Our First Road Trip

Yikes! 38 days until we move into the RV!

19800_aria-classic_high_white-236x235It’s currently in the shop for some maintenance and a new toilet. (Yay! The old one was so noisy!) Here’s a pic of the new one – an Aria Classic. Isn’t it pretty? (The things you get excited about with this lifestyle!) Anyway, then it’ll be off to another shop for airbag maintenance. (Airbags are what lift it up and help balance it when we’re parked.) Hopefully, we’ll have it back by mid-February and can start moving some things in!

Lots of people have been asking about our plans or what our first road trip will be, so I thought I’d talk about it here. First, there’s not really a first, second, etc road trip. We’re going to be traveling pretty constantly around the country, so it’ll be one big lifelong journey. We plan to stay at most locations for 2-4 weeks at a time, though I’m sure we’ll have some overnighters here and there.

Once we move in, we’ll be hanging out in Washington for a little while, getting ourselves and the cats used to living in the RV. We plan to be in Eastern Washington for a month or so around April or May to visit friends, then back to the Puget Sound area in June to celebrate Brian’s birthday and prepare for our actual take-off.


Oregon Coast September 2016
(photo by Julie Gant)


Sometime in July, we’ll start heading south along the coast with a goal of being near Santa Cruz in October then maybe continuing to San Diego or heading SE toward Arizona. It depends on timing and mood. We’re looking at being in Arizona in January 2019 for the Xscapees/Xscapers convergence and New Orleans in April 2019 for the Jazz Festival. Of course, with this lifestyle, you have to go with the flow; so who knows where we’ll really be a year from now!

So that’s the current scoop. More to come as we get closer to the move-in!

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    1. Thanks, Carolyn! Don’t be surprised if you get a call later this summer. We’ll be on the Oregon coast for several weeks and hope to dip inland for a few days in Medford around my birthday (end of August) or maybe we can convince all of you to come out to the coast – or both! 🙂

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