We’re exploring the country in our Class A motorhome, experiencing new places as we wander through the wild, and the not-so-wild, spaces of this land. Whether it’s tasting amazing food, learning about the plants and animals in a local park, discovering a new town and its history, or watching whales off the coast, come along with us as we live the journey…


Julie - Edited

Hi All! I’m Julie – a prior USAF, spiritual, nature-loving wanderer. I love making herbal remedies, photographing wild places and their inhabitants, and spending as much time as possible near or in water.

I chose this lifestyle because I’ve been struggling with diabetes and injuries resulting from several accidents. Life had become work, commute, chronic pain, blood-testing, figuring out what to eat, repeat. When you’re experiencing joy and those happy hormones are flooding your system, you feel less pain, your body works better, and your blood sugars balance. The need for freedom, for new experiences, and just for more life is why I’m here – living the journey…


20180413_122604I’m Brian and I’m the introverted, orangutan-armed husband of this travelling duo.  I’m into many things: science, philosophy, music, building musical instruments, good coffee, quality beer, and I won’t say no to a good Scotch. And as you may see from some of my posts, I’m very verbose when I write.

For me, this journey we are on is as much about exploring the continent I’ve spent my entire life on as it is an internal journey to be less about the comfort of home and more about opening myself to new experiences, meeting new people and exploring regional and local offering so full of the things I’m interested in.

My favorite poet, Robert Frost once wrote:

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

The Wandering Cats

Why three cats? Well, we wanted two so they could keep each other company while we traveled (before the RV.) When I walked up to their kennel at the adoption center, Coyote immediately locked eyes with me and started head-butting the cage where I had my hand. Brian walked over and Slinky immediately did the same. None of the dozens of cats we’d looked at previously had done that, and we knew they were claiming us. Meanwhile, Callie just stayed back in the corner. She’s our ‘stranger danger’ cat, for sure. We found out they were all siblings, the only kittens in the litter. They were four months old at the time and obviously bonded to each other. The thought of breaking them up – of leaving the little girl by herself – was heart-wrenching. We just couldn’t do it. So, we have three cats. Sometimes it’s painful, especially paying food and vet bills; but it’s 98% awesome. We love them all and Callie is now the biggest Daddy’s Girl on the planet!



Hi! I’m Calliope, but everyone calls me Callie. My favorite things are my male human and his beard, snuggling, instigating play time then acting innocent, treats (mmm…treats), the laser toy, and my male human. (Oh, did I say that already?) I love sneaking into whatever spot my humans just vacated to soak up the heat and laying in the sun on the RV’s dash. Ohhh…that’s so divine.



Heyyy. I’m Coyote. My favorite things are flopping down on the floor for attention, treats (mmm…treats), laying between my humans’ legs while they’re trying to sleep, the laser toy, anything wool, and jumping up for head butts. I love laying on my male human’s lap, drooling all over him while he rubs my belly. I’m also sort of a clutz, but I’m the most handsome dude you’ll ever meet.



Hello. My name is Mister Slinky Esquire, but you can just call me Slinky. My favorite things are my wand toy, which I drag all over the RV like a security blanket, treats (mmm…treats), the laser toy, crows, and bothering my humans when they’re trying to work. Now and then I like being held, but mostly I’d rather you just scratch my head…while I’m sitting in front of your monitor.